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Electronic audit

E-Audit program

Gates will be unique in introducing the first electronic audit program that works with artificial intelligence technology AI. The program provides a set of capabilities that provide - for the financial manager .. a manager or chief of accounts .. senior management - the ability to make a full electronic audit on the accounting program and its input by accountants Working on it.

The electronic audit program works to detect input errors, whether intentional or unintentional, through intelligent data analysis or accounting inputs by checking all input units according to special equations and algorithms for analyzing work on these forms.

As we know .. the method of audit on the accounting programs differs completely from auditing on book keeping , as there is no longer any use in the methods of the initial book keeping, for example, there is no longer any point in reviewing the accuracy of the accounting postings .. the validity of computations and so on .. but there remains an urgent and greater need To do a review process to work on the accounting program for errors of another kind, whether intentional or not .. But what will the audit process be done? What are the possible errors that occur while working on it

Below are some pictures of the program’s samples and screens, and a full video can be viewed to explain the program at the following program link or the video link
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