The first accounting software that contains the electronic audit module using artificial intelligence technology
  The electronic audit program audits the smart accounting of all user input as shown by the link of electronic review in the home page
General Accounts Program
Full documentary cycle of public accounts .. Treasury receipts and disbursement .. Comprehensive reports of the Treasury of receipts and payments and analytical movement of funds - banks .. Discount notices and bank addition .. Comprehensive reports of the movements of banks and bank settlements

Securities .. Checks receivable and payment and comprehensive reports of the movement of securities released , collected , endorsed and rebound .. filter on various cases
Various accounting reports .. Ledger. Journal. Trial Balance on different levels. Reports of final accounts to the statement of financial position with the notes
stores Program  .. Full documentary cycle of stores .. Add bills and disbursement of stores. Inventory transfer .. inventory adjustments for items .. Compilation and dismantling of items .. Multiple reports of on inventory and analytical movements of items and groups
Documentary cycle for sales and customers .. Offer price .. Sales invoice and returns with tremendous advantages of payments to customers .. Price lists according to the needs of the company .. Gifts and offers with a set of large sales reports
Documentary cycle for purchases and suppliers .. Purchase orders and invoice purchases and returns with multiple features like additions , discounts on invoices .. Analytical reports of purchases and payments and suppliers with the possibility of linking payments to invoices
Manufacturing program .. Full simplified control over the manufacturing cycle starting from establishment of standard models for manufacturing .. Production stages and manufacturing .. Manufacturing processes with the possibility of measuring the theoretical manufacturing capacity according to the availability of raw materials .. Preparation of a plan for manufacturing .. Manufacturing and Invoicing deviations
Import and Export Program
Letter of Credits .. Record the data of imported messages at all costs and expenses .. Then the program automatically uploads them to the items of the input invoice stored without intervention

Letters of guarantee .. Registration of letters of guarantee of various types whether Advanced or primary or final with the possibility of extending a letter of guarantee .. With a set of different reports
Tax programs
Tax deducted at source  .. The program allows the automatic deduction of the tax deduction according to the proportion defined on suppliers  .. It also generates and print discount notices .. Print Form 41 Declaration of full legal form with a set of reports to control non taxed payments 

VAT .. The possibility of automatically calculating VAT on the invoices of purchases and sales according to their legal ratios .. Print automatically .. Generate discount notifications and addition with a set of reports
Point of sale screen .. Easy to use .. Works on touch screens .. Barcode .. Waiting lists .. Cash and Visa .. Returns .. Close daily and zeroing cashier detailed with the calculation of deficits and increases .. Inventory 
Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment customer service program .. Allows registration and marketing of units for sale owned by the company or to third parties with various data and customer data .. Follow-up customers .. Follow-up inspections.
Construction Program
A complete program for the management of Construction companies where it provides a detailed definition of projects with their measurements and quantities of their inventory. Definition and attribution of general and special items for subcontractors and owner. Full control of the payments for subcontractors with a variety of comprehensive reports.
Schools Program
An integrated program of full control over the financial aspects of schools from the definitions of the values of education expenses .. Books .. Value of activity .. Car .. Other .. Definition of different payment methods .. Student achievements with a huge range of reports
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